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is a little website where I provide architectural advice, both unsolicited and upon request. Do you have any questions about anything regarding architecture, urban design, interiors, or basically anything related? I will do my best to answer your question.

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Are you planning to build a house? I will design it for you, for free!

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Madurodam Expansion

After a lengthy battle, theme park Madurodam has recently secured approval from the city council of The Hague for its expansion, even though its previous expansion was allowed on the condition of no further expansions into the Scheveningse Bosjes—Scheveningen Forest, a public park. The expansion into the park is the reason many people disagree with the …


About the author

My name is Robin and I’ve been working in the field of architecture for over two years now. Though I’m not officially licensed, I did study architecture, with a focus on urban design. I started this website because I want to help people make their surroundings better. Plus, I think offering advice will help me improve my own architectural skills.

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Free House Design

I’ve gotten to work on several very cool projects, including kiosks and an apartment building. I very much enjoyed working with future residents, designing their new home. I would love to design a house, but so far I’ve never had the opportunity.

So I’ll design your house for free. Whether you have a piece of land where you’d like to build something, or if you’re curious about the possibilities of renovating an existing house, send me the details and I will design you a house. Free of charge.

This will at least include floor plans, and may also include a 3D model, elevations, sections, and more.


Have a question? Send it to me via the contact form below, or just send me an email if you’d like to attach any files.